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Angebauer, Niklas (2020) Property and capital in the person: Lockean and neoliberal self‐ownership. Constellations, 27 (1). pp. 50-62. ISSN 1351-0487 - 1467-8675

Aslan-Cetİn, Berna and Aydogan-Mathyk, Begüm and Turan, Gökçe and Güralp, Sahin Onur and Gedİkbaşi, Ali (2020) A comparison of obstetric outcomes in adolescent pregnancies and adult pregnancies. The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine, 33 (24). pp. 4037-4042. ISSN 1476-7058 - 1476-4954

Bloß, Nicolas and Schorer, Jörg and Loffing, Florian and Büsch, Dirk (2020) Physical load and referees' decision-making in sports games: a scoping review. Journal of sports science & medicine, 19 (1). pp. 149-157. ISSN 1303-2968

Böhm, Olaf and Rohner, Marc and Ehrentraut, Heidi and Günther, Ulf and Meyer, Rainer and Knüfermann, Pascal and Baumgarten, Georg and Dürr, Georg Daniel and Velten, Markus (2020) Low-tidal-volume prevent ventilation induced inflammation in a mouse model of sepsis. Life sciences, 240. p. 117081. ISSN 0024-3205- 1879-0631

Claus, Jakob and Groß, Richard (2020) Einführung zu Alexander R. Galloway: die kybernetische Hypothese. Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie, 6 (1). pp. 95-102. ISSN 2194-7554 - 2196-6834

Damschen, Gregor (2020) Der performative Selbstwiderspruch jeder propositionalen Offenbarung. Methodus, 9 (1). pp. 12-23. ISSN 0718-2775 - 0719-0220

Demirayak, Gokhan and Özdemir, İsa Aykut and Comba, Cihan and Aslan-Çetin, Berna and Aydogan-Mathyk, Begüm and Yıldız, Mustafa and Mihmanlı, Veli and Karaca, İbrahim and Öztürk, Mustafa and Güralp, Sahin Onur (2020) Comparison of laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) surgery and conventional multiport laparoscopic (CMPL) surgery for hysterectomy: long-term outcomes of abdominal incisional scar. Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology, 40 (2). pp. 217-221. ISSN 0144-3615 - 1364-6893

Dijkstra, Dorieke J. and Verkaik-Schakel, Rikst Nynke and Eskandar, Sharon and Limonciel, Alice and Stojanovska, Violeta and Scherjon, Sicco A. and Plösch, Torsten (2020) Mid-gestation low-dose LPS administration results in female-specific excessive weight gain upon a western style diet in mouse offspring. Scientific Reports, 10 (1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 2045-2322

Dolch, Carina (2020) Toys for the boys, tools for the girls? Gender and media usage patterns in higher education. Turkish online journal of distance education: TOJDE, 21 (3). pp. 94-111. ISSN 1302-6488

Emmerich, Katja and Müller-Simianer, Elke and Penner, Heike and Zieschang, Tania (2020) Dysphagietherapie in der Geriatrie: Abwägungen zwischen Lebensqualität und Risiko – eine qualitative Studie. Ethik in der Medizin. ISSN 1437-1618

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Gabrys, Jennifer and Yusoff, Kathryn and Löffler, Petra and Perraudin, Léa and Schneider, Birgit (2020) Dinge anders machen: feministische Anthropozän-Kritik, Dekolonisierung der Geologie und «sensing» in Medien-Umwelten. Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft, 12 (2). pp. 138-152. ISSN 1869-1722 - 2296-4126

Gittinger, Moritz and Höflich, Katja and Smirnov, Vladimir and Kollmann, Heiko and Lienau, Christoph and Silies, Martin (2020) Strongly coupled, high-quality plasmonic dimer antennas fabricated using a sketch-and-peel technique. Nanophotonics, 9 (2). pp. 401-412. ISSN 2192-8614

Godt, Christine and Burchardi, Markus (2020) Geistiges Eigentum als Innovationshindernis? Das Gegennarrativ der modernen Commons. Ökologisches Wirtschaften , 25 (1). pp. 25-27. ISSN 1430-8800 - 2625-5421

Gornik, Dominika Paula and Tegge, Lisa and Jungmann, Tanja (2020) Adaptive alltagsintegrierte Förderung. KiTa aktuell. MO (2). pp. 45-47. ISSN 0941-4347

Gross, Isabel and Bräuer, Anja U. (2020) Modulation of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) receptor activity: the key to successful neural regeneration? Neural regeneration research, 15 (1). pp. 53-54. ISSN 1876-7958

Göbel, Chrissi Y. and Schlumpberger, Boris O. and Zotz, Gerhard (2020) What Is a pseudobulb? Toward a quantitative definition. International journal of plant sciences, 181 (7). pp. 686-696. ISSN 1058-5893 - 1537-5315

Günther, Ulf and Hoffmann, Falk and Dewald, Oliver and Malek, Ramy and Brimmers, Kathrin and Theuerkauf, Nils and Putensen, Christian and Popp, Julius (2020) Preoperative cognitive impairment and postoperative delirium predict decline in activities of daily living after cardiac surgery: a prospective, observational cohort study. Geriatrics, 5 (4). p. 69. ISSN 2308-3417

Güralp, Sahin Onur and Acikgoz , A. Serdar and Ekmekci, Hakan and Schild-Suhren, Meike and Malik, Eduard and Tüten, Abdullah (2020) Evaluation of serum endocan levels in endometriosis: a case-control study. La Clinica terapeutica, 171 (6). e517-e522. ISSN 0009-9074 - 1972-6007

Güralp, Sahin Onur and Kaya, Baris and Tüten, Nevin and Malik, Eduard and Tüten, Abdullah (2020) Non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis and moderate-severe endometriosis with serum CA125, endocan, YKL-40, and copeptin quadruple panel. Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology. pp. 1-6. ISSN 0144-3615 - 1364-6893

Haase, Anke and Will, Maria (2020) Mehr als trockene Blümchen: ein Blumenalbum aus dem Besitz von Großherzogin Cäcilie im Fokus der Forschung in Oldenburg. Oldenburger Jahrbuch, 120. pp. 315-332. ISSN 0340-4447

Heeringa, Amarins N. and Zhang, Lichun and Ashida, Go and Beutelmann, Rainer and Steenken, Friederike and Köppl, Christine (2020) Temporal coding of single auditory nerve fibers is not degraded in aging gerbils. The journal of neuroscience, 40 (2). pp. 343-354. ISSN 0270-6474

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Kaluza, Charlotte and Will, Maria (2020) Bäume, Bücher, Bellermann: eine Xylothek aus dem 18. Jahrhundert im Fokus studentischer Forschung. Natur im Museum: Mitteilungen der Fachgruppe Naturwissenschaftliche Museen im Deutschen Museumsbund, 10. pp. 54-56. ISSN 2191-6632

Keiner, Liz and Graulich, Nicole and Göttlich, Richard and Pietzner, Verena (2020) Comparison of beginner and advanced chemistry student teachers' perspective on creativity: does it play a role in the chemistry classroom? Chemistry education research and practice, 21 (2). pp. 608-621. ISSN 1756-1108

Klapproth, Florian and Federkeil, Lisa and Heinschke, Franziska and Jungmann, Tanja (2020) Teachers' experiences of stress and their coping strategies during COVID-19 induced distance teaching. Journal of pedagogical research, 4 (4). pp. 444-452. ISSN 2602-3717

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Müller, Swantje and Pietzner, Verena (2020) Comparative study of divergent thinking among participants in a German science competition and pupils in a control group. Eurasia journal of mathematics, science and technology education, 16 (10). ISSN 1305-8223

Neuhaus, Lars and Hölling, Michael and Bos, Wouter J.T. and Peinke, Joachim (2020) Generation of atmospheric turbulence with unprecedentedly large Reynolds number in a wind tunnel. Physical review letters, 125 (15). p. 154503. ISSN 0031-9007 - 1079-7114

Nydahl, Peter and Günther, Ulf and Diers, Anja and Hesse, Stephanie and Kerschensteiner, Christian and Klarmann, Silke and Borzikowsky, Christoph and Köpke, Sascha (2020) PROtocol‐based MObilizaTION on intensive care units: stepped‐wedge, cluster‐randomized pilot study (Pro‐Motion). Nursing in critical care, 25 (6). pp. 368-375. ISSN 1362-1017 - 1478-5153

Osewold, Daniel (2020) Eigene Forschungsergebnisse interessant präsentieren: Anregungen für Präsentationen in projektorientierten naturwissenschaftlichen Wettbewerben am Beispiel von "Jugend forscht". Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht. Physik, 31 (176). pp. 27-29. ISSN 0946-2147

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Pink, Katharina E. and Willführ, Kai Pierre and Voland, Eckart and Puschmann, Paul (2020) Effects of individual mortality experience on out-of-wedlock fertility in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Krummhörn, Germany. Human nature, 31 (2). pp. 141-154. ISSN 1936-4776

Pöppel, Katharina (2020) Doping in der Universität!? Eine rezeptfreie Betrachtung der Implementierung von Dopingprävention in die universitäre Sport-Lehramtsausbildung. Zeitschrift für Studium und Lehre in der Sportwissenschaft, 3 (2). pp. 5-14. ISSN 2625-5057

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Schröter, Matthias and Başak, Esra and Church, Andrew and Keune, Hans and Osipova, Elena and Oteros-Rozas, Elisa and Sievers-Glotzbach, Stefanie and van Oudenhoven, Alexander P. E. and Balvanera, Patricia and González, David and Jacobs, Sander and Molnár, Zsolt and Pascual, Unai and Martín-López, Berta (2020) Indicators for relational values of nature’s contributions to good quality of life: the IPBES approach for Europe and Central Asia. Ecosytems and people, 16 (1). pp. 50-69. ISSN 2639-5916

Schüttpelz-Brauns , Katrin and Karay, Yassin and Arias, Johann and Gehlhar, Kirsten and Zupanic, Michaela (2020) Comparison of the evaluation of formative assessment at two medical faculties with different conditions of undergraduate training, assessment and feedback. GMS journal for medical education, 37 (4). Doc41. ISSN 2366-5017

Seeralan, Tharanya and Härter, Martin and Koschnitzke, Cornelia and Scholl, Michael and Kohlmann, Sebastian and Lehmann, Marco and Eisele, Marion and Braunschneider, Lea-Elena and Marx, Gabriella and Scherer, Martin and Löwe, Bernd and Magaard, Julia Luise and Brütt, Anna Levke (2020) Patient involvement in developing a patient-targeted feedback intervention after depression screening in primary care within the randomized controlled trial GET.FEEDBACK.GP. Health expectations. ISSN 1369-6513

Siebel, Mark (2020) Kant on infinite and negative judgements: three interpretations, six tests, no clear result. Topoi, 39. pp. 699-713. ISSN 0167-7411 - 1572-8749

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Book Section

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