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Kirmeier, Eva and Eriksson, Lars I. and Lewald, Heidrun and Jonsson Fagerlund, Malin and Hoeft, Andreas and Hollmann, Markus and Meistelman, Claude and Hunter, Jennifer M. and Ulm, Kurt and Blobner, Manfred and Abad Gurumeta, Alfredo and Abernethy, Caroline and Abigail, Patrick and Achaibar, Kira and Adam, Emily and Afshari, Arash and Agudelo Montoya, M. Elizabeth and Akgün, Fatma Nur and Aletti, Gabriele and Alkış, Neslihan and Allan, Katie and Allan, Ashley and Allaouchiche, Bernard and Allcock, Clare and Almasy, Emoke and Amey, Isobel and Amigoni, Maria and Andersen, Elin and Andersson, Peder and Anipchenko, Natalya and Antunes, Pedro and Armstrong, Earlene and Aslam, Tayyba Naz and Aslin, Bjorn and Assunção, José Pedro and Ausserer, Julia and Avvai, Mary and Awad, Nahla and Ayas Montero, Begoña and Ayuso, Mercedes and Azevedo, Patricia and Badarau, Victoria and Badescu, Roxana and Baiardo Redaelli, Martina and Baird, Colin and Baird, Yolanda and Baker, Tim and Balaji, Packianathaswamy and Bălan, Cristina and Balandin, Alina and Balescu-Arion, Carmen and Baliuliene, Vilda and Baltasar Isabel, Jorge and Baluch, Saif Nasr and Bandrabur, Daniela and Bankewitz, Carla and Barber, Katrina and Barbera, Francesco and Barcraft-Barnes, Helena and Barletti, Valentina and Barnett, Gill and Baron, Kirsty and Barros, Ana and Barsan, Victoria and Bartlett, Pauline and Batistaki, Chrysanthi and Baumgarten, Georg and Baytas, Volkan and Beauchamp, Nigel and Becerra Cayetano, Isabel A. and Bell, Stephanie and Bellandi, Mattia and Belletti, Alessandro and Belmonte Cuenca, Julio and Benitez-Cano, Adela and Beretta, Luigi and Berger, Marc and Bergmann, Nicole and Bergmark, Kristina and Bermudez Lopez, Maria and Bernotaite, Monika and Beurskens, Charlotte and Bidd, Heena and Bifulco, Francesca and Bignami, Elena and Bilic, Aleksandar and Bilskiene, Diana and Bischoff, Petra and Bishop, Luke and Bjonness, Therese and Blaylock, Hether and Blethyn, Kate and Blincoe, Thomas and Blokhin, Ivan and Blunt, Nadia and Boer, Christa and Bois, Grégory and Bonicolini, Eleonora and Booth, Joanna and Borecka-Kedzierska, Miroslawa and Borstnar, Katarina and Borys, Michał and Boselli, Emmanuel and Bouvet, Lionel and Bouwman, Arthur and Bowen, Leonora and Bowrey, Sarah and Boxall, Leigh and Božić, Teodora and Bradley, Tom and Branco, Teresa and Brazzi, Luca and Brazzoni, Marcella and Brear, Tracy and Brogly, Nicolas and Brohi, Farooq and Broms, Jacob and Bubliauskas, Andrius and Bucolo, Gea Erika and Buerkle, Hartmut and Buggy, Donal and Buhre, Wolfgang and Bukauskas, Tomas and Butturini, Francesco and Byttner, Anders and Cabrera Díaz, Itahísa and Calderon, Adriana and Calhau, Ricardo and Callejo, Angel and Cammu, Guy and Campesato, Manuela and Can, Özlem S and Candeias, Margarida and Cantor, Andreea and Carise, Elsa and Carmona, Cristina and Carreteiro, Joana and Carrieri, Cosima and Carter, Anna and Casal, Manuela and Casanova, Irene and Cascella, Marco and Casero, Luis M. and Casiraghi, Guiseppina Maria and Castelo-Branco, Laila and Castro Arranz, Carlos and Cernea, Daniela Denisa and Cervantes, Jesoporiol and Chandler, Ben and Charnock, Robert and Chatzimicali, Aikaterini and Chinery, Elane and Chishti, Ahmed and Chondhury, Priyakam and Christie, Emily and Christodoudiles, George and Ciardo, Stefano and Cimpeanu, Luminata and Cindea, Iulia and Cinnella, Gilda and Clark, Sebastian and Clayton, Matthew and Cocu, Simona and Collyer, Thomas and Colvin, Carie and Cope, Sean and Copeta, Filomena and Copotoiu, Sanda-Maria and Correia de Barros, Filinto and Corso, Ruggero Massimo and Cortegiani, Andrea and Costa, Gabriela and Cowton, Amanda and Cox, Nicolas and Craig, James and Cricca, Valentina and Cronin, John and Cunha, Mariana and Cuomo, Arturo and Curley, Katherine and Czuczwar, Mirosław and Dabrowska, Domenika and Damster, Sabrine and Danguy des Déserts, Marc and Daniliuc, Aura and Danninger, Thomas and Darwish, Imad and Dascalu, Corina and Davies, Kirsty and Davies, Simon and De Boer, Hans and De Flaviis, Adelisa and De Selincourt, Gabrielle and Deana, Cristian and Debaene, Bertrand and Debreceni, Gabor and Dedhia, Jatin and Delgado Garcia, Isabel and Della Rocca, Giorgio and Delroy-Buelles, Llana and Desai, Tejal and Dhillon, Parveen and Di Giacinto, Ida and Di Mauro, Piero and Diaz Gomez, Tamara V. and Dimitrovski, Aleksandar and Dinic, Vesna and Dîrzu, Dan-Sebastian and Divander, Mona Britt and Dolinar, Janez and Domingues, Susana and Doolan, James and Downes, Charlotte and Dragoescu, Nicoleta Alice and Droc, Gabriela and Dum, Elisabeth and Dumitrescu, Alexandra and Duncan, Louise and Dzurňáková, Paul and Eberl, Susanne and Edwards, Jayne and Edwards, Mark and Ekelund, Kim and Ekengren, Patrik and Elghouty, Eyad and Ellerkmann, Richard and Ellis, Helen and Elme, Andreas and Ernst, Thomas and Errando, Carlos Luis and Estenes, Simao and Ewaldsson, Callis and Farid, Nahla and Featherstone, James and Febres, Daniela and Fedorov, Sergey and Feggeler, Johanna and Feijten, Prisca and Fellmann, Tobias and Fernandez Candil, Juan and Fernandez Castineira, Ana and Fernández Castineira, Juan and Fernando, Aruna and Ferrando, Carlos and Ferreira, Leonia and Ferreira, Patrick and Feyling, Anders and Filipescu, Daniela and Fleischer, Andreas and Floris, Leda and Foerster, Urs and Fox, Benjamin and Franke, Uwe and Frasca, Denis and Frey, Christian and Frost, Victoria and Fullin, Giorgio and Fumagalli, Jacopo and Furneval, Julie and Fusari, Maurizio and Gallacher, Stuart and Galushka, Svetlana and Gambale, Giorgio and Gambino, Irene and Garcia-Perez, Maria Luisa and Garg, Sanjeev and Garlak, Justyna and Gavranovic, Zeljka and Gavrilov, Roman and Gaynor, Lames and Gecaj Gashi, Agreta and Georghiou, Maria and Gerjevic, Bozena and Gferer, Gudrun and Giarratano, Antonino and Gibson, Andy and Gievski, Vanja and Giles, Julian and Gillberg, Lars and Gilowska, Katarzyna and Gilsanz Rodriguez, Fernando and Gioia, Antonio and Giovannoni, Cecilia and Girotra, Vandana and Gkinas, Dimitrios and Gkiokas, George and Godoroja, Daniela and Goebel, Ulrich and Goel, Vandana and Gonzalez, Matilde and Goranovic, Tatjana and Gornik-Wlaszczuk, Ewa and Gosavi, Smita and Gottfridsson, Peter and Gottschalk, André and Granell, Manuel and Granstrom, Anna and Grassetto, Alberto and Greenwood, Anna and Grigoras, Ioana and Grintescu, Ioana and Gritsan, Alexey and Gritsan, Galina and Grynyuk, Andriy and Guadagnin, Giovanni Maria and Guarnieri, Marcello and Güçlü, Çiğdem and Guerrero Diez, Maria and Gunenc, Ferim and Günther, Ulf and Gupta, Pawan and Guttenthaler, Vera and Hack, Yvonne and Hafisayena, Ade and Hagau, Natalia and Haldar, Jagannath and Hales, Dawn and Hancı, Volkan and Hanna-Jumma, Sameer and Harazim, Hana and Harlet, Pierre and Harper, Daniel and Harris, Benjamin and Harvey, Orla and Hashimi, Medita and Hawkins, Lesley and Hayes, Conrad and Heaton, James and Heier, Tom and Helliwell, Laurence and Hemmes, Sabrine and Henderson, Kate and Hermanides, Jeroen and Hermanns, Henning and Herrera Hueso, Berta and Hestenes, Siv and Hettiarachchi, Roshane and Highgate, Judith and Hodgson, Keith and Hoelbling, Daniel and Holland, Jonathan and Horhota, Lucian and Hormis, Anil and Hribar, Renata and Hua, Alina and Humphreys, Sally and Humphries, Ryan and Humpliková, Simona and Hunt, Janez and Husnain, Ali and Hussein, Ahmed and Hyams, Benjamin and Iannuccelli, Fabrizio and Ilette, Katie and Ilyas, Carl and Inan, Turgay and India, Immaculada and Ionițăv, Victor and Irwin, Foo and Jain, Vipul and Janez, Benedikt and Jankovic, Radmilo and Jenkins, Sarah and Jenko, Matej and Jimenez, Raquel and Jiménez Gomez, Bárbara and Joachim, Sugganthi and Joelsson-Alm, Eva and John, John and Jonikaite, Lina and Jovic, Miomir and Jungwirth, Bettina and Junke, Etienne and Kabakov, Borys and Kadaoui, Salah-Din and Kanski, Andrzej and Karadag, Süheyla and Karbonskiene, Aurika and Karjagin, Juri and Kasnik, Darja and Katanolli, Fatos and Katsika, Eleni and Kaufmann, Kai and Keane, Helen and Kelly, Martin and Kent, Melanie and Keraitiene, Grazina and Khudhur, Ahmed and Khuenl-Brady, Karin and Kidd, Laurie and King, Siobhan and Kirchgäßner, Katharina and Klancir, Tino and Klucniks, Andris and Knotzer, Johann and Knowlden, Peter and Koers, Lena and Kompan, Janez and Koneti, Kiran K and Kooij, Fabian and Koolen, Eric and Koopman - van Gemert, Anna Wilhelmina Margaretha Maria and Kopp, Kristen and Korfiotis, Dimitrios and Korolkov, Oleg and Kosinová, Martina and Köstenberger, Markus and Kotzinger, Oskar and Kovačević, Marko and Kranke, Peter and Kranke, Eva and Kraus, Christiane and Kraus, Stephanie and Kubitzek, Christiane and Kucharski, Rafal and Kucukguclu, Semih and Kudrashou, Allaksandr and Kumar, Vinayak and Kummen, Live and Kunit, Cornelia and Kushakovsky, Vlad and Kuvaki, Bahar and Kuzmanovska, Biljana and Kyttari, Aikaterina and Landoni, Giovanni and Lau, Gary and Lazarev, Konstantin and Legett, Samantha and Legrottaglie, Anna Maria and Leonardi, Silvia and Leong, Maria and Lercher, Helene and Leuvrey, Matthieu and Leva, Brigitte and Levstek, Meta and Limb, James and Lindholm, Espen and Linton, Fiona and Liperi, Corradero and Lipski, Fabian and Lirk, Philipp and Lisi, Alberto and Lišková, Katarina and Lluch Oltra, Aitana and Loganathan, Vinothan and Lombardi, Stefania and Lopez, Eloisa and Lopez Rodríguez, Maria and Lorenzini, Laura and Lowicka, Malgorzata and Lugovoy, Alexander and Luippold, Madeleine and Lumb, Andrew and Macas, Andrius and Macgregor, Mark and Machado, Humberto and Maciariello, Maria and Madeira, Isabel and Maitan, Stefan and Majewski, Jacek and Maldini, Branka and Malewski, Georgia and Manfredini, Livia and Männer, Olja and Marchand, Bahareh and Marcu, Alexandra and Margalef, Jordi and Margarson, Michael and Marinheiro, Lucia and Markic, Ana and Markovic Bozic, Jasmina and Marrazzo, Francesco and Martin, Jane and Martin Ayuso, Maria and Martinez, Esteher and Martino, Enrico Antonio and Martinson, Victoria and Marusic-Gaser, Katarina and Mascarenhas, Catia and Mathis, Cindy and Matsota, Paraskevi and Mavrommati, Eleni and Mazul Sunko, Branka and McCourt, Killian and McGill, Neil and McKee, Raymond and Meço, Başak Ceyda and Meier, Sonja and Melbourne, Susan and Melbybråthen, Grethe and Meli, Andrea and Melia, Aiden and Melotti, Rita Maria and Menga, Maria Rosaria and Mercer, Pauline and Merotra, Susan and Mescolini, Silvia and Metterlein, Thomas and Michalov, Martin and Michlig, Sam and Midgley, Susan and Milić, Morena and Milojevic, Milan and Miñana, Amanda and Minto, Gary and Mirabella, Lucia and Mirea, Liliana and Mittelstädt, Ludger and Moeglen, Aude and Moise, Alida and Mokini, Zhirajr and Molin, Anna and Moltó, Luis and Monea, Maria Concetta and Montalto, Francesca and Montgomery, Jane and Montgomery, Claire and Montillo, Gerardo and Moore, Sally and Moore, Faye and Moreira, Zelia and Moreno, Tania and Moreno, Ricardo and Moret, Enrique and Moreton, Sarah and Morgan, Marianne and Moro Velasco, Concepción and Morri, Davide and Moull, Alice and Moura, Fernando and Mráz, Peter and Mrozek, Katarzyna and Mukhtar, Karim and Muniyappa, Sudeshkumar and Murray, Heather and Murthy, Burra VS and Mushambi, Mary and Nadolski, Maria and Nardelli, Pasquale and Nardin, Giordano and Navarro Pérez, Rosalía and Naveiro, Andrea and Negri, Manuela and Nesek Adam, Visnja and Neskovic, Vojislava and Neuwersch, Stefan and Neves, Miriam and Nguyen, Bavinh and Ní Eochagáin, Aisling and Nicholas, Caroline and Nightingale, Jeremy and Norrie, Kylie and Novak-Jankovic, Vesna and Novakova, Andrea and Novillo, Marta and Numan, Sandra and Oduro-Dominah, Louise and Oldner, Anders and Oliveira, Isabel and Ologoiu, Daniela and Oloktsidou, Irini and O'Reilly, Rosalind and Orlando, Alessandro and Ovezov, Alexey and Ozbilgin, Sule and Paal, Peter and Padin Barreiro, Lidia and Palugniok, Ryszard and Papaioannou, Alexandra and Papapostolou, Konstantinos and Paranthaman, Prabhakar and Pardey Bracho, Gilda and Parente, Suzana and Parfeni, Alexandru and Pasin, Laura and Passey, Samuel and Pastor, Ernesto and Patch, Sarah and Patil, Andan and Paunescu, Marilena-Alina and Pehboeck, Daniel and Pereira, Manuela and Pereira, Carla and Perez Caballero, Paula and Pérez García, Aníbal and Pérez Soto, Antonia and Perez Tejero, Gisela and Perez-Cerda, Francisco and Pesenti, Antonio and Petta, Rocco and Philippe, Simon and Pickering, David and Pico Veloso, Jandro and Pina, Pedro and Pinho-Oliveira, Vítor and Pinol, Santiago and Pinto, Rita and Pistidda, Laura and Pitterle, Manuela and Piwowarczyk, Paweł and Plotnikova, Olga and Pohl, Holger and Poldermann, Jorinde and Polkovicová, Lucia and Pompei, Livia and Popescu, Mihai and Popović, Radmila and Pota, Vincenzo and Potocnik, Miriam and Potręć, Beata and Potter, Alison and Pramod, Nalwaya and Prchalova, Martina and Preckel, Benedikt and Pugh, Richard and Pulletz, Mark and Radoeshki, Aleksandar and Rafi, Amir and Ragazzi, Riccardo and Raineri Santi, Maurizio and Rajamanickam, Tamiselvan and Rajput, Zahra and Ramachandran, Rajeskar and Ramasamy, Radhika and Ramessur, Suneil and Rao, Roshan and Rasmussen, Anders and Rato, André and Razaque, Usman and Real Navacerrada, M. Isabel and Reavley, Caroline and Reid, James and Reschreiter, Henrik and Rial, Erick and Ribas Carrasco, Patricia and Ribeiro, Sandy and Rich, Nathalie and Richardson, Lydia and Rimaitis, Kestutis and Rimaitis, Marius and Ringvold, Else-Marie and Ripke, Fabian and Ristescu, Irina and Ritchie, Keith and Ródenas, Frederic and Rodrigues, Patrícia and Rogers, Emma and Rogerson, David and Romagnoli, Stefano and Romero, Esther and Rondovic, Goran and Rose, Bernd Oliver and Roth, Winfried and Rotter, Marie-Therese and Rousseau, Guy and Rudjord, Anders and Rueffert, Henrik and Rundgren, Malin and Rupprecht, Korbinian and Rushton, Andrew and Russotto, Vincenzo and Rypulak, Elżbieta and Ryszka, Maciej and Sà, Jacinta and Sà Couto, Paula and Saby, Sandrine and Sagic, Jelena and Saleh, Omar and Sales, Gabriele and Sánchez Sánchez, Yván and Sanghera, Sumayer and Şanli Karip, Ceren and Santiveri Papiol, Francisco Javier and Santos, Sofia and Sarno, Stephen and Saul, Daniel and Saunders, David and Savic, Nenad and Scalco, Loïc and Scanlon, Deborah and Schaller, Stefan and Schax, Christoph and Scheffer, Gert Jan and Schening, Anna and Schiavone, Vincenzo and Schmidt-Ehrenberg, Florian and Schmidt-Mutter, Catherine and Schönberg, Christina and Schopflin, Christian and Schreiber, Jan-Uwe and Schultz, Marcus and Schurig, Marlen and Scott, Carmen and Sebestian, Siby and Sehgal, Selena and Sem, Victoria and Semenas, Egidijus and Serafini, Elena and Serchan, Pashalitsa and Shields, Martin and Shobha, Ramakrishnan and Shosholcheva, Mirjana and Siamansour, Tanja and Siddaiah, Narendra and Siddiqi, Khalid and Sinclair, Rhona and Singh, Permendra and Singh, Rajendra and Sinha, Aneeta and Sinha, Ashok and Skinner, Amanda and Smee, Elizabeth and Smekalova, Olga and Smith, Neil and Smith, Thomas and Smitz, Carine and Smole, Daniel and Sojčić, Nataša and Soler Pedrola, Maria and Somanath, Sameer and Sonksen, Julian and Sorella, Maria Christina and Sörmus, Alar and Soro, Marina and Soto, Carmen and Spada, Anna and Spadaro, Savino and Spaeth, Johannes and Sparr, Harald and Spielmann, Annika and Spindler-Vesel, Alenka and Stamelos, Matthaios and Stancombe L, Liucia and Stanculescu, Andreea and Standl, Thomas and Standley, Tom and Stanek, Ondrej and Stanisavljević, Snežana and Starczewska, Malgorzata and Stäuble, Christiane and Steen, Julie and Stefan, Oana Maria and Stell, Elizabeth and Stera, Caterina and Stevens, Markus and Stoerckel, Marlène and Stošić, Biljana and Stourac, Petr and Stroumpoulis, Konstantinos and Struck, Rafael and Suarez de la Rica, Alejandro and Sultanpori, Altaf and Sundara Rajan, Rajinikanth and Suying, Ong and Svensen, Christer and Swan, Louise and Syrogianni, Paulina and Sysiak, Justyna and Szederjesi, Janos and Taddei, Stefania and Tan Hao, Ern and Tanou, Virginia and Tarabová, Katarina and Tardaguila Sancho, Paula and Tarroso, Maria and Tartaglione, Marco and Taylor, Emma and Tbaily, Lee and Telford, Richard and Terenzoni, Massimo and Theodoraki, Kassiani and Thornley, Helen and Tiganiuc, Liviu and Toim, Hardo and Tomescu, Dana and Tommasino, Concezione and Toni, Jessica and Toninelli, Arturo and Toretti, Ilaria and Townley, Stephen and Trepenaitis, Darius and Trethowan, Brian and Tsaousi, Georgia and Tsiftsi, Aikaterini and Tudor, Adrada and Turan, Güldem and Turhan, Sanem Çakar and Unic-Stojanovic, Dragana and Unterbuchner, Christoph and Unzueta, Carmen and Uranjek, Jasna and Ursic, Tomaz and Vaida, Simona and Valldeperas Ferrer, Silvia and Valldeperas Hernandez, Maria Inmaculada and Valsamidis, Dimitri and Van Beek, Rienk and Van dasselaer, Nick and Van Der Beek, Tim and Van Duivenvoorde, Yoni and Van Klei, Wilton A. and Van Poorter, Frans and Van Zaane, Bas and Van Zundert, Tom and Van Zyl, Rebekka and Vargas Munoz, Ana Milena and Varsani, Nimu and Vasconcelos, Pedro and Vassilakis, Georgios and Vecchiatini, Tommaso and Vecera, Lubomir and Vercauteren, Marcel and Verdouw, Bas and Verheyen, Veerle and Verri, Marco and Vicari Sottosanti, Luigi Giancarlo and Vico, Manuel and Vidal Mitjans, Patricia and Vilardi, Anna and Vissicchio, Daniela and Vitale, Giovanni and Vitković, Bibiana and Vizcaychipi, Marcela Paola and Voicu, Alexandra and Voje, Minca and Volfová, Ivana and Volta, Carlo Alberto and Von Lutterotti, Theresa and von Tiesenhausen, Anna and Vrecic-Slabe, Simona and Vukcevic, Dejan and Vukovic, Rade and Vullo, P. Agostina and Wade, Andrew and Wallberg, Hanna and Wallden, Jakob and Wallner, Johann and Walther Sturesson, Louise and Watson, Davina and Weber, Stefan and Wegiel Leskiewiq, Anna and Weller, Debbie and Wensing, Carine and Werkmann, Markus and Westberg, Henrik and Wikström, Erik and Williams, Benedict and Williams, Benedict and Wilson, Robin and Wirth, Steffen and Wittmann, Maria and Wood, Laura and Wright, Stella and Zachoval, Christian and Zambon, Massimo and Zampieri, Silvia and Zampone, Salvatore and Zangrillo, Alberto and Zani, Gianluca and Zavackiene, Asta and Zieglerder, Raphael and Zonneveldt, Harry and Zsisku, Lajos and Zucker, Tom-Philipp and Żukowski, Maciej and Zuleika, Mehrun and Zupanĕiĕ, Darja (2019) Post-anaesthesia pulmonary complications after use of muscle relaxants (POPULAR): a multicentre, prospective observational study. The lancet. Respiratory medicine, 7 (2). pp. 129-140. ISSN 2213-2600 - 2213-2619

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